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Teachers should indeed be appreciated every day of the year and not insulted or treated like a lowman or nobody.

The first thing that comes to mind thinking of what a teacher does, is teaching a bunch of kids, assessing them, and recording results. They do more than that. Some are not so obvious, while some are.

The teaching profession shoulders the responsibility of building future leaders and imparting them positively. Honestly, it is not an easy job.

Great teachers can form opinions and impressions about the society or community. In school, learners spend a large amount of time with their teachers. They learn whatsoever they are being taught from the teacher’s explanation and demonstration.


As they use real life examples, it gives the learner a glimpse of how society works. It can also affect the goals they’ve set out to achieve in life. Thus, teachers contribute to shaping beliefs, notions and attitudes of the learners.

Teachers expose their students to a whole lot of information which gives them a chance of a better future. Gaining knowledge is the bedrock of achievable things. Once knowledge is gotten, application becomes feasible.

Teachers simplify difficult and notional concepts to aid learners understanding using appropriate methods. They uncover topics that students may not find on their own. They research and prepare for lessons everyday. It’s a whole lot of work.

Guidance is also a part of the work of teachers. Teachers give advice on how the students can do well in their education, chosen career path and other facets of life.

They assist learners in their area of difficulties. Teachers even help their students overcome their fears and get rid of bad habits. As teaching and learning is going on, teachers begin to take note of each student’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. They recommend ways to improve in areas of weaknesses and build on their strengths.

Learners indirectly learn some life skills like etiquette and communication from their teachers.
Generally, people admire other people who motivate them and push them to achieve greater things.

Teachers are also a source of enthusiasm and inspiration to their students. Teachers encourage their students to work hard and achieve academic goals. They build the mind of possibility in their students which is important as they move on in life.

Teachers put up with learners from different backgrounds and culture, try their best to show compassion for their students, see from their point of view and correct them when they wrong. This is indeed a very momentous job.

The work of teachers influences a nation at large. As they teach, correct, motivate, guide and encourage their students, individuals that can fit into the society emerges. This is important for the growth of a nation. Given the right information and experience, they would be able to contribute to the economic development of the country.

Having said all that, teachers should be appreciated for this great work they are doing and their work shouldn’t be underrated.

A gigantic Shout out to all the teachers out there laboring over their students to give them a better future.

Israel Iremide
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