Aisha Yesufu:-Nigerian School would have killed my child’s self worth and Self esteem

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Aisha Yesufu, an activist wrote on her twitter page

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This was the letter we received when our son finally passed maths after 4 attempts. Just imagine it was a school in Nigeria that would have finished calling him olodo! Kill his self worth and self esteem.

Dear Mr and Mrs Yesufu,I hope that this letter finds you well. The spring term at Gordonstoun is already well underway, the energy and enthusiasm which returning students bring to the campus is exciting and refreshing
At this time, it is my pleasure to contact you regarding Amir’s recent GCSE Mathematics
result. I am sure you will already have heard the good news from Amir but I am delighted
to confirm that he has secured a pass grade (Grade 4). This grade meets the standard
required by UK further and higher education bodies for application and entry to a range of
This is a solid achievement and one which means that the timetabled class hours for the GCSE re-sit can now be dedicated to other subjects.
It is only fitting that I write now to pass on my congratulations: I am sure you will join us in feeling very pleased for Amir. 

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