Asuu Strike, Education and the Need for Lifelong learning

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Strike actions have been a recurrent problem in the country especially at the tertiary level. It is now even seen as a normalcy instead of an anomaly. Regardless, we churn out students from these universities year in year out; acclaiming and certifying them professionals in different fields of human endeavour.

Some of these students only get to meet most lecturers during exams( ghost students inclusive). I hear some would even give their Quiz on the same exam day just to ensure they get scores for sakes of scores and assessment.
At the basic and higher school level, the narrative is the same. Little or no genuine intent to really mould skilled individuals who will make sense of the education they’re getting. No intentionality, no actual evaluation and measurement to address weak areas nor strategize on desired outcome for individual learners. Some teachers are just after getting scores and recording them as against getting authentic assessment and follow up. There’s a library in the school but no reading time captured in the overall school time table/ program schedule.

The same students will get into the university to attend lectures for only a few weeks, go on strike, come back and write exams. Of course there’s always AOC ( Areas of Concentration) and the NOC( Non-areas of Concentration) is left for the labour market. The question then is, how many will pass this one? How many will bother to get knowledge as well develop embedded skill? How many are conscious to save themselves by themselves? I’m not sure… Are they thinking and tinkering on leveraging on the opportunities that abound even as they strike? I’m not sure… But I pray they do, I pray they focus less on the CERTIFICATE and begin to strategize on adding ‘SABIFICATE’ and becoming exceptional at that.

Rushing through school is not the solution to getting rich, matured, knowledgeable, productive etc… Life long learning is (formal and non-formal). It takes much more; #intentionality, #failing forward, #life skills, #reading culture etc.

Did you experience a strike free education through school?

Ifeoma Okeke Obiorah