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A LEGEND was born today… The 21st of November

Toyin Sam-Emehelu

  • The most deeply etched lessons in life are the ones self-taught or discovered through experience.

This assertion is an apt description of the amazing learning journey that Toyin Sam-Emehelu’s life is.

She has arguably carved a niche for herself as the connoisseur to see for anything in the realm of educational leadership.

Her infectious, high-octane and energy-packed sessions and presentations have left educators charged for personal leadership and excellence.

Toyin’s obvious passion and ease with which she spreads the gospel of leadership as panacea for lapses in learning is drawn from roughly two decades of experience in the education space.

She lives what she preaches. A driven organizer and go-getter, she is more likely to see action points and timelines in a learning experience than anything else.

In her book, Personal Leadership for Educators, she tells of a life driven by a personal desire to be better and constantly evolving positively.

Her foray into the field of leadership is one that has been duly learnt, self taught, experienced and constantly reviewed.

Toyin’s signature Mentorship series has spawned several voices in the education space. Mentees who have gone on to wield influence of their own as teacher-trainers; all while being constantly mentored herself.

Toyin’s Leadership and learning journey is a refreshingly real experience that she shares at the many symposiums, workshops and conferences she has spoken.

A vibrant speaker and energetic trainer, she runs leadership training programs both online and offline.

She is also an erudite scholar with a Masters degree in Educational Psychology and several certifications from degree awarding bodies in and out of the country.

She is the Lead Consultant at Coreskills Developmental Services and the convener of the Facebook group Educational Leadership Academy where she shares insights about education and leadership.

  • Toyin vibrates at an energy frequency that is catchy, vibrant and effervescent… In the words of BBJ, she is a firecracker that effortlessly lights up the room with her high-octane personality.

Don’t be fooled! All that energy, fire and boundless passion cloaks a methodical, intelligent and highly organized mind that lives what she preaches: Leadership, Responsibility and Effective Management.

To my dear Friend, Sister and Teammate; a heartfelt birthday prayer that all your wishes and desires come true.

Happy birthday Tee!
Olanrewaju Yusuf


Here’s a warm birthday prayer to you from the core of my heart.

May the new age usher you to a new level of grace, impact and favour.

May the path you have chosen blossom and florish.

May you find help and helpers whenever you need it.

May your youth continually be renewed. And may life’s experiences never rob you of the bubbly cheer you bring to people’s lives.

It’s been so good knowing you Toyin and your drive is contagious! The energy you bring is infectious. No wonder I humorously nicknamed you Teenager.

Enjoy your special day. You rock!

Warm hugs and more hugs.
Nancy Mba Ekpezu


The last 365 days in retrospect ….

God, Oh! He was there for me?

Family, my heaven cave?‍?‍?‍?

Wisdom, paved way at dead ends. ?

Friendships, made me see life from diverse perspective ?

Commitments, transformed me inside out. ?

Disappointments, taught me life lessons.?

I had defining moments
I stepped into unfamiliar zones ?

Today, and right now I have got love in my heart. ❤️

Insights in my head ?

Revelations in my spirit ?

Divine health in my body. ?‍♀

Eternity at foresight.?

I may not be able to fully comprehend where, God is taking me.?

But, I have chosen to trust him to hold my hand through each day.?

Happy New Year to me!?‍?