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Peter Young quotes: We cannot teach the heart, but it can teach us, by being taught by it.”

It can teach us how to become truly ourselves, and thereby help others to become themselves.

An educator with a heart has empathy while one without a heart, lacks feeling.

An educator should excavate stony heart and possess a heart of flesh and blood.

This question should pop up in an educator; Can my heart be a place of access to someone?… Don’t forget that young minds possess a heart that desire, Long and yearn as well as know.

Our heart choices are been pursued with passion. Sincerely, there are things for which we (educators) have no heart. Understand that however behavior is explained, there is a unique person in us. This highlights and juxtaposes the 3s:-

  • Self-understanding
  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-love

The heart in question isn’t the hollow muscular organ located behind the sternum and between the lungs; it is the locus of feelings and intuitions, and the courage to carry on.

Heart implies our inmost self, the centre of our true identity. Courage is required to make the inner self with the historical self.

Heart encompasses feeling, knowing, loving, and also access to one another.

An educated heart would be educated in the practice of self-knowledge.

An educated heart would be educated about affections, and the way of interactions.

At a time of unprecedented level of despair, alienation and exclusion, we must put the heart back into education by acknowledging its true place.

We must encourage learner’s innate sense of spirituality and self-discovery, and to recognize this as the ultimate and the closest goal of all education.

An educator must reason, observe, calculate and invent.

6 Qualities of Educators that should be embedded in the heart:-

  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Sympathy
  • Friendship
  • Service
  • Self-sacrifice

Education, if it really is education, must provide the means to uncovering the truth about ourselves. A truthful education must expose the fact that happiness is not obtainable, because it is not a thing. Happiness is me as I approach the truth of my being. To tell the fact… young minds love wisdom, and love to experience it flowing in them when given the opportunity. Therefore, open up your heart and be readily available.