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Rose couldn’t understand why her uncle said that teaching couldn’t be called a side hustle.

She believed that not everyone was ‘called’ into full time teaching; and that one could simply get some extra cash from a part time teaching job.


Below is some of the explanation her uncle gave:

‘Side hustle’ is a term used to describe a business or any other profiteering activity done aside a regular day job; usually to augment income.

Perhaps, everyone wants to teach. It seems a very lucrative venture; in whatever field of endeavour. Isn’t it said that people make money from the ignorance of others?

However, those who understand it a great deal don’t stop until they give their very best to the ones they transmit knowledge to. This is even more evident in a classroom setting where formal learning takes place.

Thus, could a job that demands one’s commitment in terms of time, emotions and resources be called a side hustle? I don’t think so.

Whether it is beads making or Technical Drawing, teaching is a lot of work.

Imparting knowledge and exchanging ideas involves some form of emotional commitment.

If teachers did their jobs only for the money, then they shouldn’t be working with living students.

Inanimate robots would be the best match for anyone who wanted to simply program information into another entity.

It may take a while and a kind heart to appreciate the efforts of teachers, trainers and coaches.

This is why they should have other streams of income and investment, in order to meet up with their expenses.

Online tutoring, digital products marketing and offline businesses are viable options that the season has brought to the notice of educators.

More specific examples of side businesses for teachers include:

piano lessons, catering classes, editing and proofreading, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, organisation of master classes and mentorship in the areas where they are skilled (e.g parenting, business consultation, architectural work etc), freelancing, info products marketing and so on.

For anyone who wants to live comfortably without waiting for a paycheck that may not be anywhere near enough for his or her expenses, multiple streams of income are the best life savers.

Perhaps, it’s high time teachers embraced this timeless truth!

Gbemisola Oluwasina.

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