Student-Teacher Relationship Building (iv)

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Students who have positive and cordial relationships with their teachers are more willing to take on academic challenges and work on their Social emotional development
A cordial and Positive relationship wouldn’t just bring about academic excellence but a phenomenal ready to change the world.


Ways of Building a Positive and Cordial Student-Teacher Relationship

  • Provide a structured environment by explaining clear expectations to your students and reinforcing sensible rules and regulations.
  • Teach with enthusiasm and passion
  • Be a Model by displaying a positive attitude and Lifestyle
  • Make learning fun
  • Be Interested in your Student’s way of life and well being
  • Treat each child with respect. Respect is reciprocal
  • Create a secure and safe environment for your students by eradicating criticism, bully and intimidation.

All these starts from the Heart of a Teacher.. What kind of heart do you possess?!

A Soft and easy heart… Fine
A stony heart… Not too fine… That heart could be an easy and understanding one… Just train your heart to patiently love, care, cherish and understand, and you would be an effective 21st century Teacher.