Aidetion Network (2nd Edition) Training for Educators

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The August-Break Training for Educators 2.0 was indeed and no doubt a Success… We send our to all supporters of the vision and mission.. We really cannot appreciate you enough. Our facilitators were awesomely wonderful   Mr Akinbamibo Benjamin, the … Read More


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August-Break Training for Educators ALL FOR A TEACHER’S GROWTH Have you heard about an explosion ready to happen? Have you heard about a Training with a difference? Here is one Pay rapt attention to details please Aidetion Network will have … Read More


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Your favourite student bribes you for an extra mark when you know he/she does not deserve that mark.

*A Parent promises you heaven and earth just to pass his child, when you know fully well that that child ain’t worth the pass.

*School Admin threatens to sack or rubbish you if you refuse to promote those students that are not worth promoting.
And you are left with no choice!…
Are there really no choice?! Hmmm… Edu-bribery! An Ugly Habit indeed

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