TEDxBingerville! Own Your Stage

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Do you know you can be more than a TEDx speaker?

Yes! You can be a TEDx Organiser that will make other people’s dreams of becoming a TEDx speaker a reality!

Sometimes, when we may be discouraged, we are tempted to believe that only the “lucky” people receive the best opportunities and that we just don’t have that lucky quality. However, anyone can encounter numerous opportunities when we put in the work to step into the right place at the right time.

Opportunities are everywhere and you need to leverage these opportunities to have a platform to showcase your skills, talents and story to the Global world and not just your local community.
International platforms give you the opportunity to network and build strong business relationships. It gives you the credibility that can take your personal brand and business brand to the next level

Introducing to you
This program will teach you how you can identify international opportunities and leverage them including the TEDx platform. It’s a one-day webinar that will guide you into making your dream of becoming a GLOBAL ICON a reality.

In this program you will learn:

  • How to become a TEDx Speaker
  • How to apply and become a TEDx Organizer
  • How to feature on International Magazines
  • How to get more International speaking Invitations
  • How to organize an international events sourcing for speakers and sponsorships.

This program will give your brand more exposure and visibility that will make you get seen, paid and heard!

To see an opportunity, we must be open to all thoughts.” Catherine Pulsifer

Does this opportunity looks like what you wa




Webinar date: March 6th 2021

Time: 12 noon to 3pm