The Burden Bearer

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Merriam-Webster defines Burden as something that is carried; could be a load, duty or responsibility. While a Bearer is a person who bears or carries a thing.

A Burden Bearer is therefore a person who bears or carries a load, duty or responsibility.

Five (5) Characteristics of a Burden Bearer

  • He is clairvoyant: He is able to apply a second sight or sixth sense. This does not apply to communicating with the dead, but possessing the power or faculty of discerning matters not present to the senses. He also possesses the ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception.
  • He is patient and can withstand or scale through situations.
  • He is not a grumbler/murmurer/complainer.
  • He believes in both earthly and heavenly gain/reward
  • He accepts every dirt and stains.

Teaching really is an emotional work. It is more than just curriculum, lesson plans, learning intentions and success criteria. Those things are important but in my mind, what is most important is the genuine, meaningful and at times emotional relationships you make with students. (Amy Blitvich, 2016)

An Edu-Burden Bearer is that Educator who has an heart to carry a duty of being responsible for Students matters/affairs.

An Educator with a heart should be your Burden Bearer because:

  • He listens patiently
  • He dries your tears
  • He melts your heart by revealing hidden secrets to you
  • He is everly ready to be a supporter and challenging tool
  • He speaks life to calm your soul/mood.

Five (5) Reasons Educators choose not to be a Burden Bearer

  • There are no immediate rewards/incentives
  • They do not want any interference with their Personal lives
  • Unreadiness of Students
  • Negative results of the past
  • Traditions of the School and community.

How to be an Edu-Burden Bearer:-

  • Stay positive always
  • Be sensitive enough to identify when students are burdened
  • Be ready to be a motivation and not a judge
  • Build a positive relationship

James Comers says no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship