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The Discernment Spirit… What’s the big deal?!!

Proverb 5:2 (kjv)

That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge.

To Discern means:

-to detect with the eyes,

-to detect with senses other than vision,

-to recognize or identify as separate and distinct,

-to come to know or recognize mentally

As an Educator, not neglecting this act, makes you unique. Always be at alert. When around your educatee, make very good use of your senses including the sixth sense. 

Growing up, I found this missing in some of my Educators, which made me develop some negative characters.

Young minds end up on the good side of life when Educators are able to discern happenings around them and direct their path.

*Be who you needed when you were younger. Save a life.

  • When you see young minds trailing the paths of theft, gang, to mention a few, endeavour to bring them back to the truth.
  • When you smell or perceive an odd odour in or around them, do not neglect but be inquisitive enough to correct and save a life.
  • When you utter a word, make sure it changes their lives positively. Enough of negative words.
  • When you hear or listen to their aches, Be passionate enough to heal their aches.

Learn to touch and feel their every moment. Make them safe in your hands. Smile always.

Do not confuse but convince them in becoming a great individual. Make no mistake in detecting the right from wrong. Strike a difference between discerning and Judging. Let there be no mixup feelings.

Be a Clairvoyant Educator!!!