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Bribery is an act or practice of giving or taking bribe (Merriam-Webster). Bribe is something valuable such as money or favour that is given/promised in order to get someone to do a thing. To bribe is to buy, corrupt, have, pay off, get at, grease the hand/palm of or Oil the hand of.

Bribery occurs almost in every system. Bribery has eaten up the world at large, even swallowing up the education sector. A form of Bribery carried out in the education world is classified as EDU-BRIBERY. 

Are you that educator who collects or gives out bribe?! ?… Well you might have some reasons for that act… Below are some of the reasons Educators give for edu-bribery:

Five (5) Reasons for Edu-bribery

  • No positive motivation in place of work (related to Edu system)
  • Late or probably no payment of salary
  • Fear of life threats from Parents, students, colleague and School Administrator
  • Inferiority complex
  • Pressure from the outside world

Note this: for every bribe you take or give, there is a consequence. Yeah, you might State the above reasons for your act, but did you think about the damages that follows?!

Five(5) Consequences of Edu-Bribery

  • Self-esteem gets loosed and tampered with.
  • Conflict and hatred among students and colleagues.
  • Education system looses worth and value
  • Self-respect and worth gets reduced daily
  • Introduces moral decadency

*Your favourite student bribes you for an extra mark when you know he/she does not deserve that mark.

*A Parent promises you heaven and earth just to pass his/her child, when you know fully well that that child should not be passed.

*School Admin threatens to sack or rubbish you if you refuse to promote those students that are not worth promoting.

Understand that you become a thief, rogue and a betrayal to the Education world if you yield. Educators shouldn’t be bribed but rather maintain a standard and uplift the standards of Education.

*Reject every form of Edu-Bribery.

*Assist every student that needs to be assisted positively.

*Collecting bribe from students instils an Ugly act in the students, showing them that bribery is the only and interesting way to success and achievements.

Stop the EDU-BRIBERY and be an Educator of Integrity and Positivity.